My first attempt!

Finally, I’d gone to my local store and bought a big, good looking piece of sirloin meat. It was from a cheap brand, but I reckoned that wouldn’t matter as I was going to sous vide cook it anyway. Any meat gets perfect with sous vide right? Because of the thickness of it (probably a good two inches) it was supposed to cook for 4 hours at 134 fahrenheit (57 degrees celcius).  So, after 4 hours I took it out, and noticed that it hadn’t changed color at all from the cooking. This is to be expected, and is why you’re supposed to sear it briefly on all sides at high temperaturs in your frying pan. I did (be careful

 to dry off any water or moist with a paper towl first), and the end result looked beautiful! Wow, I could hardly wait to sink my teeth into this one 🙂

Great was my horror therefore to discover that my beef was chewy! How could this happen? The temperature was right, the time was right, and it looked great, both on the outside and on the inside. Sure it was juicy, but it took too much force to cut it, and it was chewy in the mouth. This was definately not right. Could my cheap meat be to blame? Was it simply not tender enough, simply so low quality that any amount of clever sous vide’ing wouldn’t help? Or was my 

timing wrong? 

The only way forward was to try agin. Check out my next post! 🙂



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