If first you don’t succeed…

So, my first sous vide session was something of a disappointment, and what should have been a perfect steak turned out juicy but chewy. Something was wrong. Could my cheap-o meat be to blame? I went to my local store and opted for some Entrecote steaks which was label as having a tenderness of 5 on a scale from 1 to 6. The price was higher than for my last batch, but not frighteningly higher, and the meat looked good. So, I invited a good friend over, and cooked the meat for 2 hours (these were quite a bit thinner than the last one, around 1 inch) at 58 degrees. Yes, that’s one degree hotter than the previous attempt, I thought the last one was a bit to much on the red side perhaps. This time, the result was much better. Clearly, the cheap-o meat was to blame, but I still wasn’t happy. This steak was fine, but far from perfect. It should still be more tender. Maybe, in spite of the fancy cooking method, it needed some tenderizing? Some marinade perhaps?

This needs more experimentation. Check out the next post! 🙂



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